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The Garden of the Righteous of Milan

dedicated to the Righteous from all over the world

On 24 January 2003 in Milan we inaugurated a space dedicated to the Righteous worldwide in the wide green area of Monte Stella hill. Every year we plant new trees in this Garden to honour the man and women who have helped the victims of the persecutions, defended human rights wherever they were trampled on, safeguarded the dignity of the Human Being against all kinds of annihilation of his/her free and conscious identity, born witness to the truth against the repeated attempts to deny the perpetrated crimes.

To each of these exemplary figures we dedicate a wild cherry, which is planted during a ceremony in the presence of the Righteous themselves or of their relatives, and a granite memorial stone placed in the meadow below. The first trees have been dedicated to the great inspirers of the first Gardens of the Righteous in the world, in Jerusalem, Yerevan and Sarajevo: Moshe Bejski for the Righteous in the Holocaust, Pietro Kuciukian in honour of the Righteous for the Armenians, Svetlana Broz for the Righteous against ethnic cleansing.

Since 13 November 2008 the Garden has been run by the Associazione per il Giardino dei Giusti di Milano, which was founded by Milan City Hall, the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities and the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee-Gariwo.

The Garden was created upon suggestion of Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee, to dedicate a symbolic place of the town to the memory of the exemplary figures who morally resisted totalitarianism and genocide from all over the world. 

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