Righteous for the environment

Global warming and the related risks - such as the melting glaciers, sea levels rise, and the increasing rate of extreme weather events - is probably the greatest challenge of our time. In addition to environmental risks, global warming also has human rights implications, such as new conflicts and mass migrations.

Our environment is strongly at risk due to human intervention. Through the disproportionate use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and intensive livestock breeding - which have all increased the production of greenhouse gases - human intervention has disrupted the climate balance. Such changes will increase dramatically without timely intervention. Moreover, they have made many areas of our planet inhospitable, encouraging the emergence of conflicts over water, forced migration, and exacerbating pre-existing tensions, especially in countries with already precarious economic and social balances.

Within this framework, the Righteous for the Environment defend not only the planet as an ecosystem but of all those who inhabit it. They are the women and men who, at the risk of their own lives, fight for the Amazon Rainforest; denounce the water pollution that threatens the populations, suffering the consequences of it; protect the indigenous communities; dedicate their lives to sustainable development as a prerogative for democracy and peace; warn the world about the problem of global warming at a time when few were willing to listen.

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