“Knowing what happens in the world to prevent genocide and mass atrocities”

Texts and Contexts

Gariwo's website offers constant updates on current news, various insights into the themes of memory, education, and genocides, and a continuous search for exemplary figures.

Starting from these contents - articles, interviews, editorials, speeches, and reports from conferences and events - we want to develop a taste for reasoning, inviting our readers to reflect on crucial past and present issues.
Thanks to the collaboration with intellectuals, academics, journalists, and associations, we take the current events as our source of inspiration to tell about the Righteous and to know and understand the different scenarios in which these exemplary figures have acted.

We believe that knowing how to read the mechanisms and languages of evil is central to preventing such crimes and is inextricably linked to remembering.

In this section, we have collected articles and analyses on genocides, ethnic cleansing, mass atrocities, and totalitarianisms in which, yesterday as today, the Righteous have acted to extinguish the signs of hatred.

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