The Righteous in Migrations

In the face of present challenges, it is increasingly important to continue to support the Righteous of our time while reaffirming the lessons that come to us from the past. For this reason, it is necessary to remember those who are personally involved in saving migrants and those involved in welcoming them to value those who know how to put themselves at the service of the weakest, beyond differences and mistrust.

The past provides us with a warning: the populations who were considered inconvenient or dangerous on the grounds of selfish welfare were first marginalized, then persecuted, and finally exterminated. Indifference and lack of empathy have led to deny any form of support, even just charitable help.

At a time when the fiercest nationalism, the retreat within one's own borders, and the fear of those different, unknown, and therefore perceived as threatening are re- emerging, the example of the Righteous is a beacon on the impervious but necessary road of welcoming, the only guarantee of salvation for thousands of human beings.

Over the years, thanks to our research and to the work of those engaged every day in welcoming, defending, and protecting migrants, we have collected some figures, which we introduce here.

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