“On March 6 we celebrate the Righteous that unite humanity and make us feel part of the same destiny”

What is the Day of the Righteous?

On 10 May 2012, the Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg accepted Gariwo's appeal - signed by many citizens and representatives of the world of culture - by setting up the European Day of the Righteous on 6 March, the date of the death of Moshe Bejski, creators of the Yad Vashem Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations. Starting from the definition of Yad Vashem, we have extended the concept of Righteous to include those who, throughout the world, have saved human lives in all genocides and defended human dignity during totalitarianism. From 7 December 2017, the Day of the Righteous is civil solemnity in Italy: every year on 6 March we celebrate the example of the Righteous of the past and present to spread the values ​​of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

The Day of the Righteous of the Humanity is celebrated with commemorations in Italy, in Europe and in the world, in the Gardens of the Righteous, in schools, with institutions, local administrations, local associations and thanks to the work of all the subjects that animate GariwoNetwork, that unites the realities involved in spreading the message of the Righteous.

6 March 2022 in Milan - 10th European Day of the Righteous

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Day of the Righteous 2022 in Lovere

All of the primary school classes of the Institute "Convitto Nazionale C.Battisti" celebrate the Day for the Righteous 2022, since they have been working on a project dedicated to the amazing men and women who were honoured with the title of THE RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATIONS.

They've learnt how their brave actions shed a light of hope on one of the darkest hours ever experienced by the human race. On March 5th, they will plant a carob tree in their own school garden, honouring the memory of the Righteous and praying for peace.

march 5 2022Convitto Nazionale C.Battisti- Lovere
The new Righteous at the Garden "Monte Stella" in Milan

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the European Day of the Righteous. After two years the celebrations will be both online and on-site. The Commemoration at the Garden of the Righteous at Monte Stella (Milan) on March 3 will start at10:00 am. The Mayor Giuseppe Sala will unveil the plaques dedicated to the Righteous and will deliver the parchments to the Righteous suggested by the civil society. The celebrations will be broadcasted online, but the venue is open for the citizenship and local schools. The Righteous and their representatives, representatives from Gariwo and from the Association for the Garden of the Righteous, and local authorities will attend the Ceremony.

The new Righteous who will be honoured are: Raphael Lemkin, the jurist who formulated the definition of genocide; Henry Morgenthau, the American ambassador who helped many Armenians; Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the Portuguese Consul who saved many jews by helping them leaving France; Evgenija Solomovovna Ginzburg, witness to the Soviet labor camp and opponent of the totalitarian regime; Godèlieve Mukasarasi, survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda who contributed to the world’s first ever conviction for genocide; Ilham Tohti, Uyghur Professor, who was sentenced to life imprisonment because he denounced the discriminations against the minorities in China.

March 3 2022, h 10:00Cimabue street, 40 at the Garden of the Righteous at Monte Stella
International Conference "No more genocides. The moral commandment of the Righteous"

The theme chosen for the 10th Anniversary of the European Day of the Righteous is Preventing genocides and mass atrocities. The stories of the Righteous against silence and indifference.

The international Conference entitled "No more genocides. The moral commandment of the Righteous" will be held at Sala Alessi at Palazzo Marino (Seat of the Milan Municipality) and online from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, and it will be broadcasted in Italian and English simultaneously. The new Righteous, their representatives, Gabriele Nissim as Chairman of Gariwo, representatives from Italian and International institutions and honorable guests will attend the Conference. They will beAlice Wairimu Nderitu, Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide at ONULiliana Segre, Senator of the Italian Parliament, Godelieve Mukasarasi, who contributed to the first world's conviction to genocide, and Mordecai Paldiel, former Director of the Department of the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

March 3, 2022 h 3:30 pmSala Alessi, Palazzo Marino
The new Righteous honoured at the Garden of the Righteous in Casaloldo

Casaloldo, March 6, 2022. On the Anniversary of the European Day of the Righteous at 11:00 am the Garden in Casaloldo will host a Ceremony to honour two new Righteous and plant two trees dedicated to them.

The new righteous who will be honoured are: Agitu Gudelu, enviromental activist murdered in 2020, and Albino Badinelli, policemen who tried to save 20 people during the Second World War. 

The celebrations will continue in the afternoon at the local theatre SOMS, where a conference with two writers will be held: Laura Corsini and Elio Esposito, experts on Agita Gudelu and Albino Badinelli, respectively.

March 6, 2022 h 11:00 am and h 4 :00 pmGarden of the Righteous at Casaloldo
European Day of the Righteous in Coldirodi

The local school“Padre Semeria” in Coldirodi will honour the memory of Gino Bartali this year, in occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Europen Day of the Righteous. Gino Bartali is the news Righteous at the Garden of the Righteous in Coldirodi: he was an Italian famous cyclist who helped many jewish people by hiding and carrying documents in his bicycle during the holocaust. 

The Garden of the Righteous in Coldirodi was created in May 2021 on the initiative of the local school "I.C. Sanremo Ponente di Sanremo" in Coldirodi and it still is a space for dialogue and meetings.

March 6 2022 h 11:30 Garden of the Righteous in Coldirodi
Opening Ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous at the school "Casagrande-Cesi" in Terni

The School "A.Casagrande - F.Cesi" in terni will open a Garden of the Righteous and host it inside its garden. The new venue was already simbolically represented by a tree. The opening ceremony will be on March 11 at 11:00 am.

The Righteous who will be honoured are: 

LUCA ATTANASIO, Italian Ambassador in the DRC who tragically died on the job. 
, Volunteer of the Operation Mato Grosso.
, who died fighting against the Mafia in Sicily.
, who fought against the criminal organizations in Italy
, judge.

March 3 2022, h 11:00Largo Marisa Paolucci, 1
Rome, Theatre Elettra: European Day of the Righteous in honour of the Righteous for environment and climate change

In occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the European Day of the Righteous the Roman theatre Elettra will host an event to honour the Righteous for climate change and environment. They are people who fight in defense of the ecosystem. 

The event will start with the screening of the cartoon film Il clima cambia la musica no directed by Vittorio Pavoncello. The movie tells the story of UN "green helmets". After that, a debate will follow. Giorgio Fabretti, anthropologist and international author, Gianluca Senatore, expert in socio-environmental sustainability, Rita Bassano and Federica Fabrizi from the Art Gap Antropocene Biennale will participate in the debate, where the memory of two Righteous for climate change and environment will be honoured: Wallace Broecker and Wangari Maathai. 

March 1 h 9:00 pmTeatro Elettra, Capo d'Africa 32 street, Rome
Day of the Righteous 2022 at the Garden of the Righteous in Israel

On March 10 the Institute Wahat al-Salam -Neve Shalom celebrates the Day of the Righteous with a special ceremony "International Rescuers Day 2022".

The ceremony will be held at the Garden of Rescuers at the Spiritual Center of Wahat al Salam -Neve Shalom. This year the award will go to the Ta'ayush organization and to Afghan journalist Atefa Gahafoory.

The event is open and will be broadcasted live on Wahat al Salam-Neve Shalom's Facebook page: @oasisofpeace

for more info:

March 10, 2022Spiritual Center of Wahat al Salam -Neve Shalom

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