Three new Righteous at the Garden of Warsaw

ceremony 2018

At the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw three new trees and memorial stones were dedicated during the official ceremony held on 18 June.

The names of these exemplary figures were announced last March 4 by the President of the Warsaw Garden Zbigniew Gluza, on the occasion of the celebrations of the European Day of the Righteous. They are:

Raphael Lemkin, the great jurist who formulated the definition of genocide and imposed it on the world.

Armin Wegner, witness of the first Armenian genocide and of the Holocaust who then appealed to the leaders of his time to denounce and end the exterminations.

Adalbert Wojciech Zink, a Catholic priest of German origin, vicar general of the Primate of Poland and the only member of the ecclesiastical hierarchy who refused to sign the September 1953 declaration approving the arrest of Primate Stefan Wyszyński.

We thank the History Meeting House of Warsaw for the kind permission of the photographs. 

22 June 2018

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