The Righteous in the Resistance to Islamic fundamentalism

Islamic terrorism is a criminal phenomenon that, in the last years, has intensified its activity through very bloody attacks, which had great resonance in the media. There has been no shortage of examples, even within the Muslim world, of individuals who have not only saved lives during terrorist attacks but have also decided to fight fundamentalism on a cultural level.

Along with these Righteous, we would also like to remember those who defend the idea of human and religious plurality and who fight monism and the imposition of a single religion, a single party, a single truth, or the power of a single man.

We would also like to remember those who have understood that the defense of the artistic heritage is essential for protecting beauty and history and safeguarding the identity and plurality of all humanity.

Thanks to our research, to the work of our contributors, and the reports of our readers, here we present some of these figures.

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