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Resistance against Fundamentalism

The Humanity Must Grow Up

I was born in Mali in a family that taught me the respect of the others, whatever their faith or belief, to be able to live together. This is wealth This is why on the day of the attack I thought of what my mothers had told me. by Lassana Bathily

A two-year long wait...

I do not know from where to start and I frankly do not find the appropriate words to descrive what I am living today, a day I had longed for for two years. It was a very strong wish of mine, this longing for a meeting, which was rather, a reunion. My emotion is srong after what we have experienced. By Hamadi ben Abdesslem

Why fear Raif Badawi?

"States based on religion close their peoples in the circle of faith and fear". This sentence could have been uttered in several different countries in the world. Its author is Raif Badawi and the fear he mentions is the fear of free voice, an independent opinion, a critical voice. By Riccardo Noury

How to fight terrorism and fundamentalism

Editorial by Hafez Haidar

It is up to the entire world and the moderate Muslims to react with resolve against terrorists, to bring to an end to this dark page of the history of humanity, unconditionally. 

Education and love against hatred

Editorial by Hamadi ben Abdesslem

The day of the attack during the Bardo Museum, 18 March 2015, has changed my life. Fate wanted me to face terrorism by saving the 45 Italians of the group I was leading. I will never forget about the anguish I experienced during the attack and while we were getting out of the Museum.

"My Righteous deed has changed my life"

Lassana Bathily is a young Muslim who, on 9 January 2015, during the Paris attacks, rescued the Jewish customers of Hyper Cacher as it was attacked by the ISIS terrorists. Now people stop him in the street, youths ask him what they should think of Islam, and even the highest authorities look at him with a benevolent attitude. 

Resistance against fundamentalism

Moderate Muslims in front of jihadist extremism

Valentina Colombo, Professor of Geopolitics of the Islamic world at the European University of Rome and curator of the collection of essays by Tarek Heggy The prisons of the Arab mind, says:

"The transition from fundamental principles of Islam to individual Muslims, is essential to be able to grasp the reality where the extremist interpretation of the Qur'anic text , which coesxists with personal faith of an individual. This is moving from the Islam in general to individual Muslims  -  we call these muslims the "Righteous". [...] it is necessary to trace and highlight those Muslims who struggle, even putting at risk their own lives, in the name of freedom of all human beings without if and buts. [...] "Righteous" in the Islamic world is the one who believes in freedom of religion and expression, those who are not deflected by ideologies that deprive man of objectivity in judging the Other. "Righteous" can be an intellectual, a politician, but also a simple person whose sensitivity, whose humanity prevail dominant ideology. in the contemporary Islamic world to defend a Christian or a jew, write a poem about the Holocaust, travel to Israel, and claim equal rights between men and women are increasingly risky. Unfortunately silence on national and international level does not protect the "righteous" in the Muslim world,
Telling the stories is the start of a list of "righteous"; it is crucial to help these people and to make sure that they are exemplary to others, giving courage. This way the ranks of "righteous" is being extended . We should fight together in the name of universal human rights regardless of ethnicity or religion. "

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Khaled al-Asaad

the keeper of Palmyra