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From Milan, rediscovering Europe’s values
by Gabriele Nissim

From Milan, rediscovering Europe’s values

The Righteous Tales

"Let's build peace, justice and rights"

Every time that somewhere in the world, the human madness rages out to dehumanize and exterminate other human beings, it is our common humanity that is wounded. By Christine Amisi Notia

Tribute to Simone Veil

"Mrs. Veil, it is our turn to say Thank you. Thank you for being, for so many French and European people, and even more broadly for so many women and men of good will, an example and a model". The words by Cyrille Rougeau

"There is a linkage between deforestation, governance and peace"

"Wangari was such a leader, a mentor, a great friend and a mother to be admired and through her leadership was followed by many in her own country (Kenya) and the world at large." By Rahab Mwatha

Istvan Bibo, ethical genius from the side of victims

"Istvan Bibo believed that holding on to principles and morals was not only desirable in politics but also indispensable for a genuine, long-term realism in politics. In other words, he thought political honour, taste and morality were existing and necessary concepts". By Istvan Bibo

Day of the Righteous in Milan

Four new "Masters of humanity"

About 800 students, like every year, have coloured the ledge of Monte Stella hill that hosts the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide. They carry banners, placards and messages for the Righteous. “You are our teachers of Humanity”, you read on one of these placards.

Ten new Righteous in the Virtual Garden

On the occasion of the Day of the Righteous 2019, the Virtual Garden is enriched with new figures. During the ceremony held in Palazzo Marino, after the speech made by Lamberto BertoléGiorgio Mortara and Pietro Kuciukian, ten parchments have been delivered to the Righteous representatives, with these motivations.

Concert for the Europe of the Righteous - Milan Cathedral

The images of the great concert in the Duomo of Milan for the Day of the Righteous of the Humanity, with the extraordinary participation of Antonella Ruggiero, the organists Emanuele Carlo Vianelli, Alessandro La Ciacera and Roberto Olzer and the harpist Adriano Sangineto.

Day of the Righteous: the secret of the Good

The Day of the Righteous is a day of great hope because it launches a message that touches the very essence of every human being.
Even the humblest and the least known person can make small gestures that can change the fate and history of the whole planet. 

Topical News

The Righteous of Rwanda

The Genocide against the Tutsis that took place in Rwanda in 1994, was surely the shortest and fastest of history: it lasted three months, and over those three months 1.074.017 were killed. My family had always been a Tutsi family, therefore persecuted ever since the onset back in 1957...

A-Series and FIGC with Gariwo to mark Day of the Righteous of the Humanity

The A-Series and the Italian Football League support the Day of the Righteous of the Humanity of 6 March, welcoming the invitation of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, to take part in the hundreds of initiatives held all over Italy to mark this Day, which is recognized by the European Parliament as a civil feast.

Who Would Risk their Life to Save Mine?

What aspects of my behavior will signal that I will follow the example of the Righteous? Or even more disquieting, what aspects of my behavior will indicate that I will not? March 6 is a day to honour the actions of the Righteous, but it can also be a day to remember to take the time to ask some disquieting questions...

Istvan Bibo, the greatest Hungarian democracy fighter

István Bibó has been the greatest democratic thinker of the Twentieth Century. Jurist, political scientist, essayist, scholar specialised in the problems of democracy in Hungary and Central Europe, was a free spirit who anticipated in his essays the subject of human, ethnic and social rights in Hungary. By Julia Vasarhelyi

  • About us

    Gariwo is the acronym of Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide.

    We are a Non-Profit Organization based in Milan, with international coworkers.

    Since 1999 we have worked to make the people aware about the Righteous: we think that the memory of Good is a powerful educational tool and can help prevent cases of genocide and crimes against Humanity.

    This is why we create Gardens of the Righteous worldwide and use the communication means, social networks and public events to spread the message of responsibility. From the European Parliament we have obtained the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous - 6 March.

    Our activity is supported by institutions, schools, volunteers, an International Scientific Committee and our 'Ambassadors'.

  • ​The Gardens of the Righteous

    The Gardens are like open books that tell the Righteous’ stories.

    They are public spaces, places of memory, meeting and dialogue. Here it’s possible to organize initiatives for students and citizens, to keep alive the examples of the Righteous all the year round, not only by planting new trees.

    The Garden of Milan was born in 2003 at Monte Stella Park. The Association for the Garden of the Righteous - formed by Gariwo, Milan City Hall and UCEI - was created in 2008, and it takes care of the Garden activities.

    Every year, a lot of Gardens arise in cities and schools in Italy and all over the world.

    Our aim is to create a widespread network to connect everybody who believes in these topics.

  • European Day of the Righteous

    On 10 May 2012, the Parliament in Strasbourg approved Gariwo’s call establishing the European Day of the Righteous on 6 March - remembering the death of Moshe Bejski, the creator of the Avenue of the Righteous. On 7 December 2017 Italy became the first country to officially join the marking of that recurrence, with the law that establishes also at the national level a Day in memory of the Righteous of the humanity.  Starting from Yad Vashem, we have extended the meaning of the term “Righteous” including men and women who saved lives in all the genocides and defended human dignity during totalitarianisms.

    Every year we celebrate the example of the Righteous of past and of the present, to spread the values of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

  • The Charter of responsibilities 2017

    The Charter of responsibilities 2017 arises from the collective reflection proposed by Gariwo through the series of meetings The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our time, held in cooperation with Teatro Franco Parenti - Accademia del Presente and under the patronage of Università degli Studi di Milano and the Corriere della Sera Foundation.

    The Charter, inspired by the experience of Charta ’77 and subscribed by important personalities from the world of culture and society, represents our ethical commitment for the memory of Good and the education to responsibility, to reaffirm the value of plurality, of peace and non violence, as opposed to the culture of hatred and enemy.


In the second year since the approval of the Day of the Righteous of the humanity as a civil feast in Italy and seven years since the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous, thousands of people have wanted to mark this recurrence, which now seems to have made its way to the hearts of many people.

Thank you all!

Day of the Righteous 2019 in Italy and worldwide
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New Righteous at Monte Stella hill

Four new Righteous in the Garden of Milan

Discover all the pictures of the ceremony in honor of Istvan Bibo, Simone Veil, Wangari Maathai and Denis Mukwege!

Parchments for the Righteous in the Virtual Garden

The "Righteous of MonteStella" Virtual Garden is enriched, with the ceremony of 2019, with ten new figures: Adélaïde Hautval, Andrea Angeli, Maria Bertolini Fioroni, Father Nino Frisia, Gherard Kurzbach, Guido Ucelli and Carla Tosi Ucelli, Ludwig "Luz" Long, Mons. JP Carroll Abbing and Sister Leonella Sgorbati.


Righteous change

There are so many things we can do every day that can make a difference for the planet. The next generation are very aware of the situation. Their increasing acts of civil disobedience, their marches against the globalization of indifference, their angry declaration against a system disguising loss into plenty are rising.
By Anne de Carbuccia, environmental artist.