Rabbis for peace: "Today ceasefire is a priority"
Giulia Ceccutti has interviewed Anton Goodman, a member of Rabbis for Human Rights

Rabbis for peace: "Today ceasefire is a priority"

UN special adviser Nderitu at Milan Garden

"We should sit at the negotiating peace table before, instead of extending wars"

Visiting the Milan Garden of the Righteous Worldwide, the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide explains how the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide works, why it is difficult to amend it in order to broaden the definition of genocide, and which are the most severe situations occurring nowadays worldwide.

Alice Wairimu Nderitu visiting the Milan Garden of the Righteous

On February 6, 2024, Milan Garden of the Righteous hosted Alice Wairimu Nderitu, Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide of the United Nations, with a view to the ceremony for the European Day of the Righteous on March 6. "After so many years of sharing ideas with Gariwo Foundation I can finally see this very important place in person," commented Nderitu - "Telling the stories of the Righteous and honouring them in the Gardens is one of the most powerful ways by which we can preserve the memory of past genocides and educate the world about the importance of prevention".

Topical News

Is genocide happening in Gaza? What is a crime against humanity? Words to understand the conflict

On Thursday 11th January, at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague, hearings started on the case presented by South Africa, according to which the war in the Gaza Strip constitutes an act of genocide against the Palestinian people. Can one say that a genocidal act is taking place in Gaza? If not, how can one define what is happening? After Hamas attack last 7th October and the subsequent war waged by Israel, the use of the terms “genocide”, “war crimes”, “crimes against humanity”, “pogrom” has increased exponentially in the media and social networks. We asked Professor Marcello Flores, one of Italy’s leading experts in Genocide Studies, to give us his views on each of these terms and how they apply to the Middle Eastern context.

Names, faces and hopes of Iran's best youth

The latest report published by the well-known organization Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) is a meticulous work that allows us to learn about the names, faces, stories, and conditions of over 150 human rights defenders. Unknown names alongside those better known in the West, embodying the struggle of an entire people against the Iranian regime. Cristina Giudici interviews for GariwoMag Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the director of Iran Human Rights.

The Garden of the Righteous: the idea and the institution

We share the speech given by Anna Ziarkowska, President of the Warsaw Garden of the Righteous Foundation, at Seoul University (South Korea) on November 23, 2023. "The Warsaw Garden is first and foremost a place of stories not of evil, but of good. By evoking the stories of the Righteous, they are brought back to life". 

A light in the dark: Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam and the challenge of peace

In the village in Israel where Palestinian Arab and Israeli Jewish families peacefully coexist, the ongoing war is a big challenge. The citizens of Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam practice exercises in dialogue and confrontation, continuing their daily lives despite the roar of bombs and the sound of planes. In this context, the presence of a Garden of the Righteous, a reminder of the courageous choices made by those who chose good, takes on a more powerful role than ever before. By Sara Del Dot 

The distorted usage of social media in wartime: a psychological weapon that makes us vulnerable

Following the attack perpetrated by Hamas on October 7, 2023, footage of torture, abuse and executions immediately flooded the net accompanied by fake videos – often artfully extrapolated from other conflicts – to feed a disinformation machine capable of exploiting the wide meshes left open by X, TikTok and Telegram. This is a usage of social media that has already occurred in other contexts of war or genocide, such as in the case of Karabakh or the Yazidis. A devastating weapon that no one has yet figured out how to defend againstBy Simone Zoppellaro 

Righteous 2024

New Righteous for 2024 ceremony at Milan Garden

Altiero Spinelli, Vera Vigevani Jarach, Jurij Dmitriev and Narges Mohammadi are the figures who will be honored as the new Righteous in 2024. It was decided by the Assembly of the Association for Milan Garden of the Righteous - composed by the Gariwo Foundation, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities and the Municipality of Milan - which also chose the theme for the March 6 celebrations at the Monte Stella Garden in Milan. The Day of the Righteous of Humanity 2024 will be titled "Remembrance and Responsibility. The example of the Righteous in the face of challenges of our time."

Altiero Spinelli

Politician and writer, he began his antifascist militancy when he was just seventeen, in response to the Matteotti murder. In 1927 he was arrested in a bar in Milan because he was considered a dangerous element by Mussolini's regime. From that time, Spinelli began a long period of imprisonment in Fascist jails, also being imprisoned in Ventotene, an island of confinement for political dissidents during the dictatorship. There, Spinelli drafted, along with Eugenio Colorni and Ernesto Rossi, For a Free and United Europe. A Draft Manifesto, better known as the Ventotene Manifesto.

Vera Vigevani Jarach

Behind her melancholy gaze, Vera Vigevani Jarach hides the deep wounds marked by two dictatorships, which in different eras have deprived her of her dearest affections in an excruciating way. A grandfather deported and killed in Auschwitz in 1943, a daughter 18 years old kidnapped, killed and disappeared by the Argentine military coup leaders a little over three decades later.

Jurij Dmitriev

Jurij Dmitriev is a Russian historian, director of Karelia regional section of Memorial. He has been working with Memorial since the 1990s, with the aim of compiling "memory books" - anthologies containing thousands of names and biographies of victims of Stalinism in Karelia - and revealing the Soviet shooting sites of Sandormoch and Krasnyj Bor. Since 2014, when Dmitriev publicly denounced Russia’s occupation of Crimea in the presence of local officials, he has been subjected to increasing pressure and to three trials, all of which were marked by serious violations of the right of defence, leading to his sentencing to 15 years in a penal colony.

Narges Mohammadi

Iranian activist, in 2009 she became vice-president of DHRC, Defenders of Human Rights Center, an organization that has been defending conscience and political prisoners in judicial proceedings. Narges Mohammadi has dedicated her life to the struggle for human rights in Iran against the oppression of Iran's theocracy. Her last arrest was on April 21, 2022, when she was sentenced to eight years in prison for alleged crimes against Iran's national security.

  • About us

    Gariwo is the acronym of Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide.

    We are a Non-Profit Organization based in Milan, with international coworkers.

    Since 1999 we have worked to make the people aware about the Righteous: we think that the memory of Good is a powerful educational tool and can help prevent cases of genocide and crimes against Humanity.

    This is why we create Gardens of the Righteous worldwide and use the communication means, social networks and public events to spread the message of responsibility. From the European Parliament we have obtained the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous - 6 March.

    Our activity is supported by institutions, schools, volunteers, an International Scientific Committee and our 'Ambassadors'.

  • ​The Gardens of the Righteous

    The Gardens are like open books that tell the Righteous’ stories.

    They are public spaces, places of memory, meeting and dialogue. Here it’s possible to organize initiatives for students and citizens, to keep alive the examples of the Righteous all the year round, not only by planting new trees.

    The Garden of Milan was born in 2003 at Monte Stella Park. The Association for the Garden of the Righteous - formed by Gariwo, Milan City Hall and UCEI - was created in 2008, and it takes care of the Garden activities.

    Every year, a lot of Gardens arise in cities and schools in Italy and all over the world.

    Our aim is to create a widespread network to connect everybody who believes in these topics.

  • European Day of the Righteous

    On 10 May 2012, the Parliament in Strasbourg approved Gariwo’s call establishing the European Day of the Righteous on 6 March - remembering the death of Moshe Bejski, the creator of the Avenue of the Righteous. On 7 December 2017 Italy became the first country to officially join the marking of that recurrence, with the law that establishes also at the national level a Day in memory of the Righteous of the humanity.  Starting from Yad Vashem, we have extended the meaning of the term “Righteous” including men and women who saved lives in all the genocides and defended human dignity during totalitarianisms.

    Every year we celebrate the example of the Righteous of past and of the present, to spread the values of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

  • The Charter of responsibilities 2017

    The Charter of responsibilities 2017 arises from the collective reflection proposed by Gariwo through the series of meetings The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our time, held in cooperation with Teatro Franco Parenti - Accademia del Presente and under the patronage of Università degli Studi di Milano and the Corriere della Sera Foundation.

    The Charter, inspired by the experience of Charta ’77 and subscribed by important personalities from the world of culture and society, represents our ethical commitment for the memory of Good and the education to responsibility, to reaffirm the value of plurality, of peace and non violence, as opposed to the culture of hatred and enemy.

Waiting for 6 March

Day of the Righteous 2024

Altiero Spinelli, Vera Vigevani Jarach, Jurij Dmitriev and Narges Mohammadi are the figures who will be honoured at the Milan Garden of the Righteous on March 6, 2024. This year's Day of the Righteous will be titled "Remembrance and Responsibility. The example of the Righteous in the face of challenges of our time".

Jurij Dmitriev

Jurij Dmitriev is a Russian historian, director of the Karelia regional section of Memorial. He discovered the Soviet shooting sites of Sandormoch and Krasnyj Bor, two of the largest mass graves ever found. Nowadays he is imprisoned in a penal colony, in a de facto life sentence, paying for the worst accusations a father could receive. Despite the fact that there is no evidence against him. A plaque will be dedicated to Jurij Dmitriev at the Milan Garden of the Righteous Worldwide on March 6, 2024.

Jurij Dmitriev


Shirin Ebadi to Gariwo: “Women will make the Iranian revolution”

"Democracy implies that, in a country, the majority respects the minority and guarantees fundamental rights. The revolution in Iran is not only political, it is also cultural. The new slogan Woman, Life and Freedom is about life, and the givers of life are women, the Iranian women who wish to be free".


The first Garden of the Righteous in South America

On Friday 8th September, at 2pm local time, the first Garden of the Righteous in South America was established in Mar del Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires. It is promoted by the Gariwo Foundation, alongside the Municipalidad de General Pueyrreden of Mar del Plata and the association Casa D’Italia. Silvia Ana Filler, Maria del Carmen "Coca" Maggi, Claudio Hugo "Pocho" Lepratti, Pierantonio Costa, Armin T. Wegner e Aristide de Sousa Mendes are the first Righteous to be honored in the Garden.

A Foundation for the Righteous

Gariwo along with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

On January 9th, in Warsaw, Gariwo’s and Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation’s representatives, along with a member of the Warsaw Garden of the Righteous Committee, Jozèf Wancer, instituted the International Garden of the Righteous Foundation. The establishment of the Foundation was announced in a press conference held in Warsaw in occasion of the 2023 European Day of the Righteous.