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When evil sits at the table with us
by Gabriele Nissim, Gariwo Chairman

When evil sits at the table with us

Topical News

Life in jail to Ratko Mladic

Now comes the eagerly awaited first degree verdict – after a trial that had started on 6 May 2012 , in which over 300 witnesses have been heard and more than 10,000 pieces of evidence have been analysed - against the “butcher of Srebrenica” who led the genocide of 11 July 1995, in which over 8,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered. A verdict, which presents us with the portrait of an executioner.

Hope for the Rohingya

The Rohingya community now forcibly displaced in Bangladesh had to face perilous journeys, taking the sea route or crossing land borders. Sometimes people are forced to cross rivers. Deaths have been recorded along all the routes, demonstrating once again that if you are in real danger, you will do everything possible to save your family and to give your children a better future. Thus, we cannot ignore violence and abuse, no matter where they occur.

by Regina Catrambone

The Garden of the Good

A Garden of the Good in Jordan against hatred and terror

To those who propose hatred, war, violence, we respond with love, peace, non-violence and forgiveness. Is this an illusion, a madness, a utopia, an empty speech?

A Garden of the Good in Jordan

Our effort is to find stories that break the schemes, to answer those who, in fear, hide behind dangerous prejudices. From Israel to Tunisia, this cultural operation now extends to Jordan, with the creation of a new Garden of the Good, a place born thanks to the collaboration between Gariwo, the Italian Embassy in Amman and EcoPeace Middle East.

Message by Angelino Alfano

"Italy commends the setting up of "The Garden of Good" in Jordan, to celebrate the Righteous. Housed in the Sharhabil Bin Hassner Eco Park, the Garden is the result of a cooperation between Gariwo and EcoPeace Middle East". The words by Angelino Alfano, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Garden of the Good born in Jordan

On October 30 in Jordan, the Garden of the Good will be inaugurated, it is the result of the collaboration between Gariwo and EcoPeace Middle East, supported by the Embassy of Italy in Amman. The seven figures honoured at the Garden have distinguished themselves in the battle against terrorism and the defense of environmental and cultural heritage.


​Harald Edelstam: The Raoul Wallenberg of the 70'

The embassy of Sweden to Rome will dedicate a tree in its garden to diplomat Harald Edelstam, on whom Gariwo has bestowed the title of “Righteous”. Edelstam during the 70' was active in Chile, he worked to help Cuban colleagues and political refugees to escape persecution following Pinochet's coup. By Emilio Barbarani, Italian Ambassador in Santiago del Cile 

Yad Vashem remembers the Righteous teachers

While Nazism raged all over Europe, some people decided not to turn a blind eye in the face of persecution. Many of them were teachers, all having in common a deep humanity and consistency with what they had been teaching in the classroom for years, reciprocal respect and peaceful coexistence among human beings. 

Jews in Shanghai

The "miracle" of Shanghai

Interview with Nicola Zavaglia, the director - together with René Balcer - of Above the Drowning Sea, a documentary about the incredible tale of the Jews who fled to Shanghai. The voices of the film are those of Julianna Margulies and Tony Goldwyn. By Martina Landi

Jews in Shanghai, between hope and paradox

The tale of the Jews in Shanghai has been since 2012 at the core of Ye-Shanghai, curated by Roberto Paci Dalò. With him we have talked about the birth of this project, the figures of the Righteous and the importance of making remembrance not only to narrate the past, but also to reflect on the facts occurring today. By Martina Landi

  • About us

    Gariwo is the acronym of Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide.

    We are a Non-Profit Organization based in Milan, with international coworkers.

    Since 1999 we have worked to make the people aware about the Righteous: we think that the memory of Good is a powerful educational tool and can help prevent cases of genocide and crimes against Humanity.

    This is why we create Gardens of the Righteous worldwide and use the communication means, social networks and public events to spread the message of responsibility. From the European Parliament we have obtained the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous - 6 March.

    Our activity is supported by institutions, schools, volunteers, an International Scientific Committee and our 'Ambassadors'.

  • ​The Gardens of the Righteous

    The Gardens are like open books that tell the Righteous’ stories.

    They are public spaces, places of memory, meeting and dialogue. Here it’s possible to organize initiatives for students and citizens, to keep alive the examples of the Righteous all the year round, not only by planting new trees.

    The Garden of Milan was born in 2003 at Monte Stella Park. The Association for the Garden of the Righteous - formed by Gariwo, Milan City Hall and UCEI - was created in 2008, and it takes care of the Garden activities.

    Every year, a lot of Gardens arise in cities and schools in Italy and all over the world.

    Our aim is to create a widespread network to connect everybody who believes in these topics.

  • European Day of the Righteous

    On 10 May 2012, Members of the Parliament in Strasbourg approved Gariwo’s call – signed by citizens and representatives from the world of culture – establishing the European Day of the Righteous. 

    Starting from the definition of Yad Vashem, we have extended the meaning of the term “Righteous” including men and women who, in every part of the world, saved lives in all the genocides and defended human dignity during totalitarianisms.

    The date of 6 March has been chosen because it coincides with the death of Moshe Bejski, the creator of the Avenue of the Righteous in Yad Vashem.

    Every year we celebrate the example of the Righteous of past and of the present, to spread the values of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

  • The Charter of responsibilities 2017

    The Charter of responsibilities 2017 arises from the collective reflection proposed by Gariwo through the series of meetings The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our time, held in cooperation with Teatro Franco Parenti - Accademia del Presente and under the patronage of Università degli Studi di Milano and the Corriere della Sera Foundation.

    The Charter, inspired by the experience of Charta ’77 and subscribed by important personalities from the world of culture and society, represents our ethical commitment for the memory of Good and the education to responsibility, to reaffirm the value of plurality, of peace and non violence, as opposed to the culture of hatred and enemy.

GariwoNetwork is born

the analysis

From Yad Vashem to GariwoNetwork

editorial by Ulianova Radice, Gariwo Director, 16 November 2017

The opening remarks by Gariwo Director Ulianova Radice - at the international conference "The responsibility of our time. The challenge of GariwoNetwork", which took place on 16 November at the Fondazione Cariplo of Milan.

Yair Auron about GariwoNetwork

Yair Auron talks about GariwoNetwork

News from the Gardens

For a Day of the RIGHTEOUS

the analysis

The law on the Righteous of the humanity

editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Gariwo Chairman, 20 October 2017

The law about the Righteous of the humanity concerns our ability and willingness to bring about those who, in the gloomy times of the humanity, when unjust laws prevailed and people were persecuted, have taken up personal responsibility in the face of evil.