Privacy policy and use of your personal data

All you always wanted to know about how we process your data and you never dared asking!

Who we are? Holders and people or organizations responsible for the processing

Fondazione Foresta dei Giusti Ga.ri.wo. ONLUS is the Holder of the processing of the personal data gathered during the use of this website. The list of the People in charge of the processing is available at the seat of Gariwo.

What are the purposes of the processing of personal data?

Only with your consent, Gariwo processes your data with the following purposes, in order to:

  • promote Gariwo website by sending its newsletters
  • let you participate in our initiatives, events, and educational or training activities
  • improve our website and services
  • provide you with assistance and answer your questions
  • give you access to the reserved website GariwoNetwork
  • publish events you report
  • send you the receipts of the donations you make on our website
  • remind you of making a donation to us and writing down our tax code (97287220152) in the 5x1000 box of your income declaration :)

Is it compulsory to give us your personal data?

You don’t have any obligation whatsoever to use this Website, but please consider that, in some cases, this is necessary to enable us to involve you in our initiatives, to send you updates, or allow you to access GariwoNetwork.

Who can get to know about your personal data?

Only people Responsible or In Charge of the processing can deal with your data:

  • internal: appointed Gariwo staff members, uniquely on the basis of the assigned tasks
  • external: third parties, which Gariwo may avail itself of to perform various services, processing activities, or who may be responsible or subordinately responsible for the processing as duly appointed if required by the applicable legislation
  • competent national authorities in compliance with the applicable legislation

In no case, personal data can be sold or spread.

Sendinblue: we use it to send you our newsletters. Only the contact data of the newsletter recipients are exported on their server, with the data necessary to segment and customize the communications (e.g. name, surname, e-mail address, province, ...)

Skebby: we use it to send you the SMS. Name, surname and mobile number are saved on their server uniquely for the contacts who are recipients of SMS from Gariwo

The server, on which the Privacy policy (as well as the rest of the website!) you are reading is loaded, is hosted by DigitalOcean on a server in Frankfurt, managed by Cloudways

Do we also transfer your data outside the European Union?


Minors under the age of 14

Our website does not knowingly gather any personal data from minors. Nonetheless we cannot exclude that minors under 14 can access the site to benefit from the mentioned services (in particular GariwoNews, our monthly newsletter). In such cases, Gariwo presumes that the minor has received the consent of his or her parents or those who hold the parental authority.

How do we process your data? For how long do we keep them?

The personal data are processed both with paper and electronic supports, and elaborated in compliance with all the security measures provided by the law. At any time, you will be able to delete irreversibly your data from the systems, on which they are saved.

The data are stored for the necessary time to process them for the very aims for which these very data are at our disposal.

Once the storing time has ended, or you have deleted your data, every personal datum will be deleted or rendered anonymous in a permanent and irreversible way, and if necessary, processed only in aggregated form for statistical or scientific research purposes.

Your personal data can be gathered in our servers for the following reasons:

You send us directly your data: your personal data are not built from scratch, but they are provided by someone, and that someone is you. By filling in a form on our website or sending us an e-mail you are willingly providing us with data concerning you.

You indirectly deliver your data to us: even if you do not provide us with your data directly, we gather and process information concerning your use of our service. In this case we talk about indirect collection to indicate all the data gathered in a register, which enables us to retrace your visits. Essentially, it is all about the traces you left behind every time you perform an action on our site. This register may include, for example, the date of your latest connection, the browser used, the visited pages, the questions or comments you leave in our website.

As far as the storing times is concerned, we do not keep the data for longer than the time necessary for the purposes, for which we have the very data at our disposal. We know very well that the personal data must be kept in a form that enables the identification of the person concerned for not longer than the time necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the data have been gathered or subsequently processed.

How do we protect your personal data?

We protect your personal data by adopting technical and administrative security measures apt to minimize the risk of loss, incorrect use, spreading or tamper of the data. Security measures include firewall, cryptography of the data, and the checks for the authorization to access the personal data.

And the cookies...?

When you access or interact with our Website – once you have accepted the informative report about the use of cookies – we can use cookies or other similar technologies in order to:

  • understand which pages of our website are more interesting for our users (we don’t keep track of individual IPs but we gather them in aggregate form; we will never know what you have seen, but for example we will be able to discover that those who pass from this privacy informative report usually take 3 minutes and a half to read it)
  • enable you to add comments to the articles
  • enable you to share our articles on the main social networks
  • offer you a better, faster and safer experience

For further information you can look yo our complete Cookie declaration.

Who should you contact to exert your rights?

Any time, you can ask any question to look up, edit, integrate or request for the deletion of your personal data or oppose the processing thereof within the limits provided by the legislation, writing to Gariwo at the following e-mail address:  [email protected]

Which rights can be affirmed in relations to your personal data?

As a user of our website, our lawyers have “suggested” us :) to tell you that you have the following rights and you can exert them when you want, for free:

  • right to be informed about the purposes and the methods of processing
  • right of access
  • right to obtain a copy of the data stored abroad and information about the places where they are stored
  • right to demand the update, correction or integration of the data
  • right to obtain the deletion, anonymization or freezing of the data
  • right to oppose the processing, as a whole or in part, also where it is carried out through an automatic decision-making process, including profilement
  • right to freely call off the consent to the processing of the data, anytime
  • right to contact the responsible for the data protection, in case it is deemed as necessary
  • right to issue a complaint to the national authority competent as regards the data protection or to judicial authorities

In addition to the rights mentioned above, since 25 May 2018 you can also exert the following rights, following the full applicability of Regulation (EU) no. 679 of 27 April 2016:

  • right to the data portability (or to receive an electronic copy of the personal data concerning you, for the possible transfer to the User of other holder)
  • right to limit the processing

In case of doubts, comments or complaints relating to the gathering or the methods of use of personal data, you can contact us at the e-mail address:  [email protected]

If you need to contact us for any different needs, you find our contact data in the page  Our contacts.

[Date of coming into force: 25.05.2018 | Date of latest update: 19.01.2023]