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The stories of those who helped

The exhibition of the Holocaust Museum of Washington, Americans and the Holocaust, describes the behavior of the American people regarding the Holocaust, focusing in particular on the faults, and the moments in which they could have stepped in to help the victims. Despite this, though, it also tells us about rescue stories of American people and associations that helped the Jews in the years of Nazi persecution.

The Righteous’ trees are now monumental trees

The trees of the Gardens of the Righteous are monumental trees. This is stated in the Resolution no. 23 of the Ministry of the Environment and the protection of the territory and the sea's Committee for the development of public green, signed on 6 March 2018.

MOAS keeps hope alive for Rohingya people

"We will do everything possible so that no child, woman or man will feel abandoned or lose their lives on unsafe vessels". MOAS repositions the Phoenix in the Andaman sea for a one-month monitoring mission before the monsoon season starts. This mission will be for understand more about the operational scenario in the region, and the professional team on board will also be ready to act, if any urgent SAR intervention is required. 

Day of the Righteous in Milan

“The stories of the Righteous – i.e. of brave women and men, who have run huge personal risks to save human lives from the persecution at the hands of bloody regimes, oppressive apparatuses, totalitarian ideologies – are a living memory, and will keep on being lofty civil and human examples, which we all shall draw inspiration from." said Italy's President Sergio Mattarella in his message to Gariwo. It is precisely with this spirit that, also this year, Gariwo cooperated with the Milanese institutions, associations and schools to mark the Day of the Righteous with several different events.

Parchments Awarded to 16 New Righteous

The Virtual Garden “Giusti del Monte Stella” (Righteous of Monte Stella Hill), created in 2017 to mark the 6 March recurrence, keeps on growing hosting new figures, messengers of Good who today and yesterday acted to defend the other and human dignity. Let us introduce you to 16 new Righteous.

The Righteous Of Hospitality at Monte Stella

This year the honoured Righteous have been Costantino Baratta, Daphne Vloumidi, Ho Feng Shan and Hammo Shero. Theirs are tales of people who have not turned a blind eye, but instead have acted, setting into motion their own gifts and abilities, trying to save lives. The ceremony recounted.

The "Righteous"

Examples of the resistance against evil

The history of the twentieth century is dramatically marked by crimes against humanity, such as genocide of the Armenian people in 1915 - '16, the Holocaust during the Second World War, the gulag during the period of communism, the tragedies of Rwanda and the Balkans in the 90s. In each of these extreme situations, there were men who found the strength to oppose the evil, following their principles and personal responsibility.
If people can not track down specific parameters of the figure of the "Righteous",  then if they will not catch the common features present in all genocidal experiences. What matters is the ability to listen to their conscience, to defend the principle of humanity beyond the constraints of ideological, religious, political, or ethnic, social and cultural rights.
The paradigm is the valuable experience of the Commission of the Righteous at Yad Vashem, expanded and deepened in the sign of universal reflection on man.


The book

The Messenger

Yannick Haenel


Tribute to Raoul Wallenberg

the Swedish diplomat who rescued thousands Jews

Featured story

Ahmed Demir Dogan

the opponent who set up a legal organization in defence of the rights and freedom of Bulgarian Turks