The Righteous for Africa

In addition to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, there are many critical contexts on the African continent in which inter-ethnic hatred causes violence and tensions.

Somalia's political instability, the genocide in Darfur, the civil wars and struggles for resources in the Congo, and the growth of fundamentalist groups in Nigeria and the Sahel have all worsened already fragile situations.

In these contexts, the Righteous are the voice of a continent that is lacerated by inter-entity clashes and continuous migratory flows.

The Righteous have worked in defense of the weakest, of women; they have upheld human rights in the face of fundamentalist violations; they have safeguarded artistic heritage and cultural identity; they have promoted dialogue and reconciliation; they have borne witness to the crimes of the dictatorships that have bloodied this part of the globe over the decades.

In this section, we signal some of these figures.

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