“The network that spreads the message of the Righteous”

A network made of people

GariwoNetwork was born in Milan in 2017 to connect all the realities that in Italy and in the world are engaged in spreading the message of the Righteous. The foundation of the Network is the Charter of Responsibilities 2017, Gariwo's proposal inspired by Charta '77 and signed by important personalities from culture and society. The Charter was also enriched by thematic in-depth analysis linked to the urgencies of the present.
Our goal is to create moments of confrontation and debate on our issues - from the Righteous to personal responsibility, to the prevention of genocides - for the members of this network: teachers, Gardens of the Righteous, associations, ordinary citizens. We also aim at helping create more and more synergies and shared projects.

In order to help in the choice of the Righteous figures, while fully respecting the autonomy of the Gardens, we created the Charter of the Righteous of GariwoNetwork, with a series of criteria to identify the exemplary figures to be honoured in line with our orientation. However, Gariwo is always available to the Gardens to evaluate the figures of Righteous the Gardens want to honour and examine even the most controversial cases.

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