The Righteous for the Uyghurs

The Uyghurs are a Turkish-speaking Muslim ethnic minority. They are mainly based in north-western China in the autonomous region of Xinjiang. They are being held in what are officially referred to as “vocational training centres”. In actual fact, these are detention camps, where detainees are subjected to repression and forced labor, and through which China seeks to eradicate the cultural and religious identity of this Islamic minority. The European Parliament, which had already condemned the mass internment of the Uighurs, declared in July 2020 that "we may be witnessing the implementation of a genocide".

The Righteous for the Uyghurs are those who defend this population at their own personal risk. They denounce repression and raise awareness worldwide of what is happening in a country where opposition to the regime can be very costly. Among them is Ilham Tohti, the "Mandela of China", who was sentenced to life imprisonment for his defense of the Uyghurs' rights.

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