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A new Garden of the Righteous is born in Lebanon

On Saturday, June 29 in the village of Kfarnabrakh, 45 km from Beirut, the first Garden of the Righteous in Lebanon was inaugurated with the dedication of olive trees in honour of ten Righteous belonging to different ethnic groups, religions and beliefs.

New Righteous in the Garden of Warsaw

In March this year we learnt the names of people awarded the title of the Righteous: Arseny Borisovich Roginsky, Ewelina Lipko-Lipczyńska and Raoul Wallenberg. On Thursday, June 27, at noon, they will be honored with a tree and a stone in the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw.

Justice cannot be negotiated

I was at the United Nations on 23rd April and I could see how backwards the world is going on things that we already deemed to be acquired, about which we did not think we should discuss anymore. We are in a world driven by different currents, but I feel that in Italy there is a force that can stabilize our ship, the same one that is turning upside down when it comes to the values of democracy, mutual respect and humanity.

Four new "Masters of humanity"

About 800 students, like every year, have coloured the ledge of Monte Stella hill that hosts the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide. They carry banners, placards and messages for the Righteous. “You are our teachers of Humanity”, you read on one of these placards.

Those who believe in good make nature more beautiful

Let’s say the truth. If today Monte Stella has become for the new generations a place of memory we owe it mainly to the Garden of the Righteous of all the World, opened in 2003 by the then major of Milan Gabriele Albertini.

The Rigtheous for Europe and Africa at Monte Stella hill

On March 14th, on the occasion of the Day of the Righteous, Istvan Bibo, Simone Veil, Wangari Maathai and Denis Mukwege will be honoured at the Garden of Milan. The theme chosen by the Association for the Garden of the Righteous is "Humanity at a crossroads. Europe and Africa between indifference and responsibility".

The Gardens of the Righteous


The Gardens of the Righteous are the remembrance places dedicated to those who have opposed human rights violations of recent history, marked by the widespread use of genocidal practises.

After the Garden of the Righteous in Yad Vashem, inside the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, more gardens have been created all over the world, like in Yerevan besides the Museum of the Armenian Genocide, in Milan, Sarajevo, in Poland, in the United States.

The trees symbolize life and invite us to defend it against the heralds of death; the example of the Righteous becomes a  warning for our conscience and proves that even under extreme circumstances people can choose not to remain indifferent.

This is why the Gardens of the Righteous are the educational memory of the newer generations, the protagonists of tomorrow's world, to whom they offer not only a warning, but also a workable alternative and a message of hope.

The gardens of the Righteous



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