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Levashovo Memorial

In Levashovo the memorial stones in honour of the victims of Stalinist terror

The stone dedicated to the Italian victims immediately after the ceremony

The stone dedicated to the Italian victims immediately after the ceremony Nickstudio Spb

In 2007 a memorial stone was placed to honour the Italian victims of totalitarianism, in the Memorial Cemetery of Levashovo, near Saint Petersburg. The Memorial was set up in the place where thousands innocent people persecuted in the years of great Stalinist purges had been shot and buried in mass graves. Upon initiative of the Levashovo Memorial and the Italian Cultural Institute, in cooperation with Gariwo, the Forest of the Righteous.

In the Memoriale Cemetery there are the memorial stones of the innocent victims of every country - other than the Russians - from Norway to Poland, to the Ukraine, Germany, Italy, who had flocked to the USSR in the hope to contribute to the rise of a regime that would gather and fullfill the aspirations to freedom, democracy and wellbeing expressed by Europe's peoples, which were soon disappointed about the true dispotic nature of the Soviet power.

Belonging o the Memorial is the Centre for Recovered Names, run by Anatolij Razumov, at the Russian National Library, that researches the identity and gathers the names of all the people who were shot in Levashovo, to prevent from memory loss about the terrible communist years.

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Levashovo Cemetary-Memorial

Ceremony in memory of the Italian victims of the Gulag


The Levashovo Memorial in St. Petersburg

A cemetery for all the victims of the USSR