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On 5 May 2018 the Garden of the Righteous of Pescara was born, with the planting of a tree - the first in the world dedicated to the Righteous for Europe Simone Veil, first president of the European Parliament and also dedicated to Laad’s founder, Gianni Cordova. Both were honored with a plaque.

The idea was born within the project of alternating school/work "Conversazioni a Pescara" - whose creator is the Editorial Director of Carsa Edizioni Oscar Buonamano - and implemented thanks to a communion of intent and will of the Municipality of Pescara and Gariwo.

The prefect of Pescara, Gerardina Basilicata, underlined the importance for the Pescara’s community of the institution of the Garden of the Righteous as a collective moment of reflection and expressed satisfaction for the great students’s participation in the initiative.

Present the school heads of the institutes, Liceo scientifico Galileo Galilei, Istituto Alta Alessandro Volta, Liceo Artistico Musicale-Coreuretico Misticoni-Bellisario, Istituto Tecnico Statale Aterno-Manthonè, Carlo Cappello, Maria Pia Lentinio, Raffaella Cocco and Antonella Sanvitale who renewed the commitment to work together within the Conversazioni project in Pescara, to keep the cohesion between the schools and the teenagers.

Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, illustrated the objectives of the Gardens, meeting places to develop a new and renewed culture of peace and attention to environmental issues, priorities of the political agenda of all the world’s States.

Here are the plaque’s texts:

Simone Veil (Nice 13 July 1927, Paris 30 June 2017), French Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, indomitable champion of human rights, the dignity of women and the role of Europe for peace. First President of the European Parliament.

Gianni Cordova (Pescara 20 September 1945, Pescara 26 January 2017), sociologist, founder of Laad, Lega Abruzzese antidroga. With his action he gave many people the chance to start a new life. His social commitment had a unanimous and international recognition.

5 May 2018

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