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Bergamo - Mascheroni High School

Garden of Bergamo - Mascheroni High School

Garden of Bergamo - Mascheroni High School

In 2016, the Scientific High School Lorenzo Mascheroni inaugurated in its schoolyard a Garden of the Righteous, with the hope to provide food for thought for students and a major involvement of teachers and classes in the next future. During the celebration, some stones have been posed in memory of Rocco Chinnici, Sophie Scholl, M. L. King and Arturo Paoli

A year ago, during the international hospitality week organized within the Exchange Project, students from Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, and Greece have taken part to a Laboratory on the Righteous of the world. Within this project, students have learned the virtuous stories of the Righteous and commemorated them by posing new stones in the Garden together with colored cards with their thoughts written on. 

This year, in order to give visibility to the Garden, students have realized a Qr-code through which visitors are directly linked to the Gariwo's website and to the Righteous's biographies (published both in English and Italian). 

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Via Alberico da Rosciate, 21/A
24124 Bergamo (BG)
Provincia di Bergamo (Lombardia)