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Torino - Scuola Internazionale Europea A. Spinelli

On May 9, 2022 on the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, the Garden of the Righteous at the European School Spinelli in Torino was inaugurated thanks to the collaboration with Associazione Spostiamo mari e monti.

Initially the Garden will be populated by one tree honoring  Ursula Hirschmann and Ada Rossi, mothers of the European Union, by an artistic installation explaining the project and by an "European chair", which encourages the reflection.  

The first tree planted is an olive tree dedicated to the two women who played a fundamental role in spreading the Manifest of Ventotene. Ada strongly believed that the world could be changed by will and committment; Ursula was the spokesperson of feminist instances and of the European movement.

The newborn Garden of the Righteous is hosted inside the Garden of the School, where the European bench in front of the Geisser Library was also installed and dedicated to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

The opening ceremony was one of the event in the framework of the European Festival, attended by more than 800 students of the School.

9 May 2022

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Via Figlie dei Militari, 25
10131 Torino
Provincia di Torino (Piemonte)