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Spezzano Albanese

The tree in honour of Gino Bartali

The tree in honour of Gino Bartali

On Friday 6th March 2014, the Garden of the Righteous of Spezzano Albanese has been inaugurated in the middle school "San Giovanni Bosco". A tree has been planted in honour of Gino Bartali

In 2015, on the occasion of the European Day of the Righteous, a ceremony in memory of Angelo Roncalli and Giorgio Perlasca has been held in the auditorium "Renato Dulbecco" of the middle school of Spezzano. Afterwards, two trees have been planted in honour of Roncalli and Perlasca in the Garden of Spezzano Albanese. The ceremony was promoted by the Headmistress Rosina Costabile and was attended by the students, Luigi Bettolino, director of the local Bcc Mediocrati, Don Fiorenzo de Simone, parish priest of Spezzano Albanese, Francesco Fusca, inspector of the Ministry of Education, and Ferdinando Nociti, mayor of Spezzano Albanese. 

On the European Day of the Righteous 2016, Rocco Chinnici and Sophie Scholl have been honoured with the planting of a magnolia tree and a laurel tree. 

6 March 2014

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