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On 6 March 2019 the Garden of the Righteous of Rezzato was inaugurated, in the garden near the school "P. Goini" of Virle Treponti. The first two trees were planted to commemorate two brave people from Rezzato: Giovanni Maifredi and Eligio Turati, who risked their lives to save men and women from extermination and concentration camps during the German occupation.

During the ceremony the students of the fourth classes of Virle recalled the stories of some Righteous studied at school at the presence of the Mayor Davide Giacomini, the Councillor for Culture Claudio Donneschi, the headmaster Alessandra Rossini and the sons of the two Righteous honoured. 

Giovanni Maifredi helped many soldiers fleeing from the camps to find a safe passage to Switzerland. The family discovered this activity only after his death, finding a letter received from one of the survivors. Eligio Turati, instead, disguised himself as a German officer in a work camp in Suzzara, managing to save 10 men from death and 40 from deportation. Even in his case the heroic act remained hidden until the day of his death.

6 March 2019

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