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On 9 March 2019 the Garden of the Righteous of Isnello was inaugurated inside the municipal park in Impastato Square. The first trees were dedicated to Don Pino Puglisi, Giovanni Falcone, Margherita Hack and Giovanni Ortoleva.

The event “The massacre of Salussola ... in memory of Giovanni Ortoleva, the students tell the Righteous” was promoted to celebrate the Day of the Righteous. The municipal administration, led by the mayor Marcello Catanzaro, wanted to honor Ortoleva, killed on March 9, 1945 for refusing to betray his companions and indicate where the partisan gangs operating in Biella were staying: "The 6th of March was the Day of the Righteous, recognized by the European Parliament and the Italian Parliament, said Mayor Marcello Catanzaro, and Giovanni Ortoleva was a Righteous to have opposed a genocide; with the day dedicated to him and the planting of trees, by the pupils of the Comprehensive Institute, we wanted to remember also extraordinary figures such as Don Pino Puglisi, Giovanni Falcone and Margherita Hack who fought in the name of humanity going against the current".

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor, the school manager Antonella Cancila, representatives of ANPI, Antonio Ortoleva and Giusy Vacca. The choir "Anima Gents" directed by Sottile performed and for the occasion a laurel wreath was placed at the municipal cemetery.

9 March 2019

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Peppino Impastato Square
90010 Isnello
Provincia di Palermo (Sicilia)