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The Wall of Remembrance of Yerevan

to remember the Righteous for the Armenians

Every year on 24 April the Armenian people marks the anniversary of Metz Yeghern (the Great Evil), the genocide started in 1915 by the Government of the Young Turks against the Armenian minority in the territory ruled by the Ottoman Empire.In Armenia a huge crowd flocks to the capital Yerevan for the procession in Dzidzernagapert (the Hill of Swallows), that hosts the Mausoleum remembering the victims of the mass murder. At the end of the ceremony the ashes, or a handful of ground of the burial place of a Righteous, are interred as a token of gratitude from the Armenian population. Other than to honour these exemplary figures, in the Garden of the Righteous for the Armenian situated besides the Genocide Museum, the Armenians dedicate trees to the international personalities who go there to honour the victims of the Metz Yeghern. This remembrance place was created in 1995 by the then director of the museum Laurenti Barseghian and by Pietro Kuciukian, founder of the international Committee The Righteous for the Armenians – Memory is the future, which bestows this title on those who acted to stop the massacres, rescue the persecuted or witness to the truth regarding genocide. So, besides the Righteous and the witnesses of those times, the Armenians also remember the personalities who are still struggling to safeguard the memory of those tragic events and bring justice to the victims.Some streets and schools in Armenians are named after these Righteous.

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to honour Karen Jeppe

Giacomo Gorrini

Righteous for Armenia


A tree for Nansen