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Vignate - C. I.

Vignate - C. I.

On Friday 10th June 2016, the Garden of the Righteous of Vignate has been inaugurated in the courtyard of the Comprehensive Institute

Armin T. Wegner, the German soldier and medic who witnessed the Amernian genocide with his photographs, was the first Righteous to be honoured. In his memory, a maple tree has been planted and a memorial plaque has been affixed. 

The students will choose the next Rigtheous to honour, keeping the memory of those who have distinguished themselves for their civic commitment and their protection of dignity and human rights alive. 

The ceremony was attended by the students of the Comprehensive Institute, their parents and teachers, the headmistress Daniela Spanò and the Cultural councillor of the municipality of Vignate Federica Olivero

10 June 2016

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