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Falconara - Secondary school

The tree dedicated to Pietro Bartolo

The tree dedicated to Pietro Bartolo

The secondary school of Falconara (AN) has inaugurated his Garden of the Righteous on 4th June 2014. Students, teachers, parents and representatives of the Jewish and Muslim communities attended the ceremony. Inspired by the logo of the European Day of the Righteous, every student has made a leaf in copper and has carved a name of a Righteous. All the leaves have been fixed on the branches of a big tree located in the hall of the secondary school. 

Every year, the students choose a Righteous to honor. The first choosen were Gino Bartali (2014), Giorgio Perlasca (2015), and Ivo Marcheggiani (2016). The purpose of this initiative is to remember and honor those who stood up against the Evil, fighting ethnic, religious, cultural and political discrimination, listening to their own consciousness. 

On 6th March 2017, celebrating the European Day of the Righteous, the secondary school has dedicated an actual tree to Pietro Bartolo, a doctor who has been taking care for years of migrants landing on the shores of Lampedusa. The students have also decided to honor the courage and selflessness of the citizens of Lampedusa, who are quietly and modestly protecting human lives and not borders. 

4 June 2014

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