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The plaque for Baumann in the Garden of Stuttgart

The plaque for Baumann in the Garden of Stuttgart

On 28 May 2019, at the Johann-Friedrich-von-Cotta-Schule High School in Stuttgart, the first Garden of the Righteous in Germany was inaugurated with the laying of a tree in honor of Julius Baumann, an extraordinary personality from the world of sport who sacrificed his life to give dignity and joy to Jewish children at the time of Nazism. The Garden was created on the initiative of the Kickers Fanproject, an association of fans of the Stuttgarter Kickers, together with the teachers and students of the Cotta-Schule, and it is created in collaboration with Gariwo, following the model of the Garden created on Monte Stella in Milan. An extraordinary synergy between apparently so different realities, which crowns a work on memory carried out with great passion and commitment by Cotta-Schule, and in particular by teacher Martin Gansen, and at the same time by the fans of the Kickers football team.

The General Consulate of Italy in Stuttgart, with General Consul Massimo Darchini, has supported the project of the Garden of the Righteous from the beginning.

28 May 2019

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