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Plaque of the Garden of the Righteous

Plaque of the Garden of the Righteous I. C. Offida

On 6th June 2015, the Garden of the Righteous of Offida (AP) has been inaugurated, in honour of the local villagers who saved the family Ventura from racial persecution during the World War II. 

The ceremony, promoted by the Comprehensive Institute and the municipality of Offida, was attended by the mayor Valerio Lucciarini, the vice mayor Isabella Bosano, the headmaster of the C. I. Daniele Marini and his teachears and students, the grandchild of Beniamino Ventura, relatives of the Righteous and the citizens. 

During the ceremony, an olive tree has been planted in memory of Adelino Talamonti, Camillo Talamonti, Antonio Piersimoni and Umberto Ciabattoni

6 June 2105

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