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a picture of the inauguration ceremony

a picture of the inauguration ceremony

The Garden of the Righteous of Montichiari has been inaugurated on 25th March 2017 in a green area of the “Pieve di San Pancrazio” Park. The ceremony has been promoted by the Cultural Assessor of the Montichiari City Hall.

The first trees have been planted in memory of Elie Wiesel, Peace Nobel Prize and Holocaust survivor; Enrica Lombardi, who saved 41 children in Rwanda during the civil war and Ettore Norsa, Jewish doctor in Montichiari from 1918 to 1962, nicknamed “doctor of the poors”.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Montichiari, Mario Fraccaro; the Cultural Assessor, Basilio Rodella; the Mayor of Castenedolo, Giambattista Groli and the Mayor of Calvisano, Gianpaolo Turini; father Roberto Lombardi, Enrica’s brother with a Rwandan delegation of people rescued by her and Mario Nodari, Ettore Norsa’s patient in 1947.

25 March 2017

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