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The totem in honour of Anna Politkovskaja

The totem in honour of Anna Politkovskaja

On 10th March 2013, on the occasion of the first European Day of the Righteous, the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide of Tavazzano has been inaugurated by the municipality. 

The ceremony has concluded a project that has involved the city council, the cultural associations of Tavazzano, the Comprehensive Institute F. Fellini, the critic and poet Amedeo Anelli and the actor and director Luciano Pagetti

For reasons of space, the trees will not be planted in the garden, instead memorial stones will be affixed on a special totem. The first memorial stone has been dedicated to Anna Politkovskaya, thanks to the collaboration with the association Annaviva and RAI journalist Andrea Riscassi.  

10 March 2013

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