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Turin - Villa Genero Park

The inauguration of Viale dei Giusti

The inauguration of Viale dei Giusti

On 11th October 2007, the municipality of Turin has inaugurated Viale dei Giusti, located inside Villa Genero Park. The ceremony was attended by Rabbi Alberto Somekh, counsellor Filippo Castronuovo as a representative of the city of Turin and the President of the Jewish community of Turin Tullio Levi.

Viale dei Giusti, located on the Turinese hill, gives a direct line of sight to the valleys where several Jewish, during the Fascism, sought and found shelter in the households of the local population, also honoured in the Garden of Villa Genero Park

11 October 2007

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Turin, Villa Genero Park

Inauguration of Viale dei Giusti