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Prato - Pier Cironi Secondary School

The inauguration of the Garden

The inauguration of the Garden

The project "In the footsteps of the Righteous" involves teachers and pupils of the Pier Cironi Secondary School and of the fifth grade classes of the primary schools Iqbal, Mandela and Pizzidimonte.

As part of the celebrations of the Day of the Righteous, on 9 March 2019, this Garden was born, at the conclusion of other events dedicated to the honoured Righteous: Janusz Korczak, Gino Bartali and Rufino Niccacci.

The school building is surrounded by a vegetation that includes plants and trees that are particular for their rarity and botanical importance; on these trees have been affixed memorial plaques with the new Righteous, who have worked against injustice.

In agreement with the Municipality, the Garden has become a public place that can be visited from 7.30 to 19.30, from Monday to Friday.

9 March 2019

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Repubblica Street, 17
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Provincia di Prato (Toscana)