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Milan - Anna Politkovskaya's Garden

Anna Politkovskaya's Garden in Corso Como (picture by Gariwo)

Anna Politkovskaya's Garden in Corso Como (picture by Gariwo)

On 12th June 2013, the Garden of Anna Politkovskaya has been inaugurated in Milan, honouring the Russian journalist murdered in 2006 as a result of her investigations on the truth about the horrors of the war in Chechnya.

Following a petition initiated by the Association Annaviva, the city council of Milano has approved unanimously the motion, with the following justification: "The international vocation of Milano makes particularly important to collect every request of freedom and search for the truth that Anna Politkovskaya represents, and to take the opportunity to put at the centre the theme of the respect of human rights." 

The ceremony was introduced by Culture councillor Filippo Del Corno and it was attended by Andrea Riscassi, RAI journalist and founder of Annaviva, Giuseppe Russo, mayor of Tavazzano (LO) where there is a Garden of the Righteous with a plaque in honour of Anna Politkovskaya, Vitalij Jaroshevskij, vice editor of Novaja Gazeta, and finally the son and the sister of Anna Ilya Politkovsky and Elena Kudimova. The sister Elena concluded the ceremony with this words: "I would like to thank everyone for everything you are doing in honour of my sister. I am very proud of her and the example she is for all of us. Different places worldwide honour her: a street in Tblisisi, Georgia, a square in Rome, a press centre in the European Parliament, and in Milano this is the second place honouring my sister. My dream is that one day even in Mosca or in a Russia city a street will be dedicated to her."

The garden is located at the intersection of Corso Como and Via Don Luigi Sturzo, in front of Garibaldi Train Station. 

12 June 2013

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Anna Politkovskaya's Garden

Milan, corso Como / via Don Luigi Sturzo