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The Garden of the Righteous of Coldirodi, part of the Municipality of Sanremo, in the province of Imperia, is located in the green areas adjacent to the Rambaldi Art Gallery. It was inaugurated on May 28, 2021, upon the initiative of the school "Sanremo Ponente". The initiative was realized thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Sanremo and the support of the "Famija Culantina".

The following are the first Righteous honored in this Garden: the anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl, to whom a plant of white roses was dedicated; Otello Cocchi, Angelo Lucato, Antonio Parrini, and Don Battista Lanteri (Don Bacì), who saved an art gallery from the Nazis in 1944, and to whom an olive tree was dedicated.

During the ceremony, Father Giovanni Semeria was also remembered: a native of Coldirodi, a man of great culture, and a military chaplain in the supreme command. At the end of WWI, he founded the Opera Nazionale per il Mezzogiorno d'Italia, supporting over seven thousand war orphans.

In Coldirodi, his hometown, he founded the "Padre Semeria" institute, which welcomes children in difficult situations.

28 May 2021

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Via Rambaldi, 51
18038 Sanremo (IM)
Provincia di Imperia (Liguria)