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the legend of the Garden

the legend of the Garden

On 3 June 2019, the Garden of the Righteous was inaugurated at the John XXIII Middle School of the Marco Polo Institute, in Senago. In the external garden, a tree has been dedicated to each of the Righteous who have been the object of the research of the school children. In particular, the students, divided into groups, carried out research on the Righteous in the world, the Garden of the Righteous in Milan and asked themselves who are the Righteous today.

Each tree has a QRCODE that allows access to information and history of the Righteous. The cavea already present in the external space has been repainted and the stumbling blocks have been placed. The cavea was completed with words and phrases related to the themes of Memory and elaborated by the students. The trunk of a tree, previously cut, has been specially arranged to house the legend of the Garden of the Righteous.

The honoured figures in the Garden are: Benedetto De Beni, Carlo Angela, Eugenio Bussa, Gino Bartali, Giovanni Gelati, Giorgio Perlasca, Giacomo Bassi, Giovanni Barbareschi.

3 June 2019

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