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On 21st November 2015, in Olbia, the Park of the Righteous Among the Nations was inaugurated and dedicated to the figures of Girolamo Sotgiu, historian and politician of Olbia, and his wife Bianca Ripepi Sotgiu, Righteous Among the Nations for saving many Jews from the deportation of the Nazi concentration camps.

During the ceremony, which was held on the occasion of the National Day of the Tree, the first 250 trees of 400 were planted, one for each child born in the city in 2014. Present at the inauguration, in addition to the Olbese families involved in the front line in the plantation of the trees, the Municipal Councilorship for the Environment, Giovanna Spano, the Forestry Agency and Federica Sotgiu, the daughter of Bianca and Girolamo.

The Garden is located in San Nicola area, in Petta street.

21 November 2015

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