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The inauguration of the Garden of Parma

The inauguration of the Garden of Parma

On 6 March 2018 the Garden of the Righteous at the I.P. Giordani institute has been inaugurated. The Garden is part of the project Liberi di Ricordare that wants to propose an active approach to modern history, also bringing elements of personal and emotional growth.

The project originated from a meeting organized in February 2018 on the figure of Gino Bartali, in which participated his niece Gioia Bartali, the Director of Gariwo Ulianova Radice, the cyclist Vittorio Adorni, and the journalist Gabriele Balestrazzi.

During the inauguration ceremony, which has been attended by the mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti and the commissioner Nicoletta Paci, it has been remembered red-haired Luisa Minardi. At the inauguration the director of Gariwo Ulianova Radice was also present, and she urged the boys to adopt a Righteous. The goal is to make the history of these exemplary figures known and to have references in critical moments: "Entering the rightful person - she concluded - makes us understand how to do good".

6 March 2018

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