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Monza - Correctional Facility

The plaque and the oak in honour of Giorgio Perlasca

The plaque and the oak in honour of Giorgio Perlasca

On 17th March 2017, the Garden of the Correctional Facility of Monza has been inaugurated, on the initiative of the association "Senza Confini" of Seveso and the support of "Casa delle Culture" and the association "Novaluna" of Monza. 

For the occasion, an oak donated by Groane Park and a memorial plaque were dedicated to Giorgio Perlasca, the Righteous of World War II who rescued five thousands Jewish people in Budapest posing as a spanish diplomat. 

Inmates of the correctional facility, students of educational institute Mosè Bianchi of Monza, citizens and authorities attended the ceremony.

Francesco Perlasca, son of Giorgio Perlasca, and Fabio Lopez, son of Guido Lopez, the man rescued by Marshal Enrico Sibona from the deportation in Nazi lager, took part in the inauguration. 

17 March 2017

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