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Molfetta - ITET Salvemini

"C'è un albero per ogni uomo che ha scelto il bene". The High School 'ITET Salvemini in Molfetta inaugurated the Garden of the Righteous after taking part to the call "Adotta un Giusto" and starting an educational program about the Righteous. The Garden was titled to Don Pietro Pappagallo, Righteous among the Nartions, antifascist. The opening ceremony was followed by a debate to which took part: Professor Maria Rosaria Pugliese, Professor Renato Brucoli,biographer of Don Pappagallo and Francesco Tammaco, author of "Una rondine che fa primavera", inspired tot he life of the priest from Terlizzi.

1 April 2022

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Via Tenente Angelo Losito, 96
70056 Molfetta
Provincia di Bari (Puglia)