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Solaro - Groane Park

Plaque at the entrance

Plaque at the entrance Senza Confini

On 19 December 2010 Associazione Senza Confini (Association without borders), Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous and the institution Parco delle Groane founded the Bosco dei Giusti della Brianza (Wood of the Righteous of Brianza) in the green area near the Park's central seat, next to the former powder store of Solaro. 

Among the participants in the ceremony of dedication of the first three trees to Moshe Bejski, Giorgio Perlasca and Guelfo Zamboni, held on 30 January 2011, on Holocaust remembrance days, there were the classes of the neighbouring cities, which were involved in a teaching project focused on the study of these exemplary figures. The speakers were: 

Gabriele Nissim, author of the book about Moshe Bejski Il Tribunale del Bene (The Tribunal of Good)
Franco Perlasca, son to Giorgio Perlasca
Antonio Ferrari, Corriere della Sera editorialist and the man who unveiled the events involving Guelfo Zamboni. 
The Bosco (Wood) aims at being a place of reflection on the subjects of individual responsibility and human rights, in particular by remembering the exemplary figures who have morally resisted the totalitarian regimes of the Twentieth century.

19 December 2010

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