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Tora and Piccilli

On 9 December  2018 in Tora and Piccilli (CE) was held an official ceremony during which the Garden of the Righteous was inaugurated, to commemorate and honor the entire community that during the Second World War opposed the fascist racial laws, hiding and protecting various Jewish families and saving the lives of about fifty people. 

The story of Tora and Piccilli is also told in the documentary Terra Bruciata, directed by Luca Gianfrancesco.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the highest city authorities: first of all the mayor Natascia Valentino, the councillor Simona Fracasso, and the director Luca Gianfrancesco. Present among others also the former president of the Jewish Women's Association of Italy Ziva Fischer, who in the documentary tells her story, Annie Sacerdoti, whose birth in those difficult days is mentioned by the same Fischer in the documentary, and other representatives of the Italian Jewish communities.

For the occasion, a commemorative plaque was dedicated to the Righteous of Tora and Piccilli and an olive tree - symbol of peace - was planted in the Garden.
The plaque reads: "In honor of the Righteous of Tora and Piccilli who welcomed and protected many Jews during the Nazi occupation"

So that no one, especially the new generations, may forget the profound gesture of love and humanity that Tora and Piccilli gave to the world. A beacon for the future of all humanity.

9 December 2018

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Roma Street
81044 Tora and Piccilli (CE)
Provincia di Caserta (Campania)