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Bosisio Parini

Plaque in honour of Guido Brugger and Clementina Colombo

Plaque in honour of Guido Brugger and Clementina Colombo

On 6 March, 2021, the Garden of the Righteous in Bosisio Parini was inaugurated in the Comprehensive School of Bosisio Parini (Lecco) - with institutional interventions and the discovery of the plaque, with the patronage of the Municipality of Bosisio Parini. The Garden was dedicated to Guido Brugger and Clementina Colombo, who, during the Resistance, distinguished themselves for their work in favour of Jews persecuted.

The project was born on the initiative of the Comprehensive Institute, led by literature teachers Laura Crippa and Angela Lacona, in collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Bosisio Parini.

During the inauguration the head teacher Orsola Moro said: "We are here today to pay tribute to two people who have made an important action whose effects echo eighty years later. They are two protagonists of the resistance, two people who have not hesitated to risk their lives to save people they didn't know."

6 March 2021

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Bosisio Parini, Via Andrea Appiani, 10 (Lecco)
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