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Garden of Foggia - ISS Notarangelo-Rosati

The "Garden of the Righteous Worldwide" was inaugurated at the Notarangelo-Rosati Technical Institute of Foggia on April 30, 2019, redeveloping a large uncultivated area that belonged to the school building. The Garden started with 14 trees dedicated to seven women and seven men who have stood out for their action in favor of human rights, at the end of the educational project "The Garden of the Righteous", which took place during the school year 2018/19 and involved 14 classes of the Institute.

With the help of teachers, the students worked in various ways and through various methods, researching biographical documents on the web, watching films and documentaries, reading autograph texts, and carrying out a commentary on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a result, they produced equally original and significant materials on the lives of the exemplary figures considered.

The inauguration was attended by Dr. M. A. Episcopo, Head of the Territorial School Office of Foggia, by lawers M. E. De Martinis - President of UNICEF Capitanata, the and head, at a national level, of the Psychosocial Sector of Italy's Camere Giovanili - and M. Arena - the Guarantor of the Province of Foggia for Childhood and Adolescence, and by Dr. F. d'Elia, the representative of the city section of Legambiente. On behalf of their institution, the guests have all testified to the importance of an active and participatory commitment in civil society.

30 April 2019

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