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Ceccano - High school

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 the garden of the Ceccano's High school became the Court of the Righteous, to be alive and renew the memory of those who, in every time and place, have done good by saving human lives, fought for the rights of human beings during genocide and have changed the dignity of the person by refusing totalitarianism and discrimination between human beings. The high school wanted to dedicate to these heroes of peace the trees of the Garden, who took the readable cards near the tree and the possibility of using QRcodes.

A talking garden for the Righteous in which each plant will reveal its species, its genus, which form will have its leaves, as it will reproduce, but will also tell the story of a Righteous.

At the Garden have already been honored: Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino, Carlo Angela, Giorgio Perlasca, Arrigo Beccari, Rocco Gatto, Cheikh Sarr, Gino Bartali, Domenico Cipriani, Calogero Marrone, Angelo Frammartino.

The law professor Federico Palladini has designed the Court of the Righteous together with Professor Pietro Alviti.

6 March 2018

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