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On 6 March 2019 the Garden of the Righteous of Barbariga was inaugurated at the Passeraia Tower. The initiative was born thanks to the commitment of the Foundation Filosofi Lungo L'Oglio, chaired by Francesca Nodari, also promoter of the Gardens of Brescia and Orzinuovi. 

The first trees were planted for Don Giuseppe Potieri, a priest who collaborated with the partisans, suffering imprisonment and risking shooting, and Don Pino Puglisi, the first martyr of the Church killed by the mafia for his constant and exemplary evangelical and social commitment. 

Maurizio Artale, President of the Padre Nostro Centre of the Brancaccio district in Palermo, where Don Puglisi lived and worked, was present at the ceremony; Salvo Ognibene, with Rosaria Cascio, who wrote the book "Il primo martire di mafia. L’eredità di Padre Pino Puglisi" (ed. Dehoniane, Bologna 2016). Gianluigi Zanola and Giuseppe Boschi, respectively great-grandson and friend of Don Giuseppe Potieri.

Representatives of local institutions and associations, as well as students, also took par to the ceremony.

For the occasion, a photographic exhibition in honour of Don Giuseppe Potieri was set up in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Barbariga, curated by Giovanni Gatta, President of Anpi di Gussago.

6 March 2019

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