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Rome - Cavour high school

pictures of the students of the Cavour High School of Rome

pictures of the students of the Cavour High School of Rome

On May 12, 2017, the students of the II F class from Cavour high school in Rome - ambassadors of the European Parliament together with Professor Simonetta Emiliani - decided to dedicate the Day of Europe to the memory of the Righteous, by creating in their school a Garden in their honor. An olive tree, symbol of peace and prosperity, was planted for the community of Magliano Sabina who hosted the family of Guido Tagliacozzo, helping their escape from the racial laws.

Attending the ceremony, Guido Tagliacozzo and Mayor of Magliano Sabina, Alfredo Graziani.

The students have told this experience on the Facebook page Ambassador School Liceo Cavour III F 2016-17

12 May 2017

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