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Duino - United World College of the Adriatic

On Friday 15 May 2020, a group of students of UWC Adriatic organised an online event to launch a Garden of the Righteous in Duino where almost 200 students from 80 countries form the UWC Adriatic student community. The event was organised online due to coronavirus pandemic. The college in Duino is the first one within a network of 18 United World Colleges to join the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide (Gariwo) initiative.

In the presence of President Ambassador Cristina Ravaglia and the school head, William Turner, Gaia, Jördis and Laura - the three students who promoted this project - presented the initiative to the entire College community. During the event they read the names of the first ten Righteous they have chosen, showing an extract from the interview with the guest of honour of the event, Gabriele Nissim, President of Gariwo, who is also journalist, historian and essayist. Lina Attalah, co-founder and editor in chief of the independent Egyptian newsroom Mada Masr, also attended; she is a former student of the College of Duino as well as one of the ten Righteous chosen by the students of the College.

The garden is located in front of Villa Lucchese, one of the student residences in Duino, where there are about thirty olive trees. Rettore William Turner announced that a group of students will take care of its maintenance and of the promotion of similar initiatives at other UWC colleges during next academic year. 

The construction and inauguration of the garden has been postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. However, on 5 April 2022 the opening ceremony was officially held. Gabriele Nissim, President of Gariwo, participated to the celebrations held in Duino and met the students of the UWCAdriatic. The celebrations started with the institutional greetings by Rettore William Turner and the Mayor of Duino-Aurisina Daniela Pallotta, and then continued with a musical performance by the students Momoko and Doro, who played on the violin and the accordion respectively Freedom composed by Dorian Dionisi. Many students of the College, who have been actively involved in the process of choosing the Righteous, attended the conference: three of them (Maxine, Mahmoud, David) red a speech written by all the students involved in the project; they explained their interpretation of the garden of the Righteous and the impact on their own education and training. After that Gabriele Nissim, President of Gariwo focused on the educational and self-training power of the Garden of the Righteous. The debate ended with a Q&A session between President Nissim and the students. Finally, Claudio and Paola Regeni and Dorian Zuppet, Mayor of the Young people in Fiumicello, honored the memory of Giulio Regeni and his passion and fight for the truth and justice.

15 May 2020

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Opening ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in Duino at the UWCAdriatic

Conference and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Garden dedicated to the memory of Giulio Regeni

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