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On 22nd April 2016 the Garden of the Righteous in Binasco has been inaugurated, honoring the doctor Andrea Loriga with an oak and a memorial stone. Committed anti-fascist and opponent of the regime, Loriga rescued the family of the Jewish lawyer Augusto Weiller in 1944, helping all of them to escape to Switzerland. Being a strong opponent of the regime, Loriga was tortured and murdered by fascists in 1945.

The Mayor of Binasco Riccardo Benvegnù, the Chairman of the Cultural Centre "La Tenda" Vito Sperti, the Coordinator of the Gardens of the Righteous Committee Ulianova Radice, two citizens who met Doctor Loriga, the Mayor of Noviglio, the institutions, citizens and students of Binasco took part in the ceremony. 

22 April 2016

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A tree in Binasco in honour of Andrea Loriga

Gariwo with the mayor, the institutions, the citizens and the students of Binasco