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Rome - Liceo Scientifico Nomentano

The High School Nomentano in Rome inaugurated a small Garden of the Righteous inside the green area of the school on March 7, 2022. For each Righteous honored a tree was planted and will be in the future. The first Righteous honored are: Alexei Ananenko and Don Pino Puglisi

During the ceremony the students involved in the project decided to plant two fruit plants honoring the two Righteous: the fruits growing represent the good actions of the Righteous. The ceremony was the product of a research project of months, where the students analized the biographies of many Righteous and finally decided to honour Ananenko and Puglisi, because of their strong civic sense.

However, the life of two other persons caught the attention of the students: Peppino Impastato's life, spent fighting against the Mafia, and Luca Attanasio's life, the Ambassador who dedicated his life to defend human rights in Africa. Therefore, they decided to honor them with plaques. 

The European Day of the Righteous is a great occasion to reflect upon global issues and to give examples and models of a good ethic to young generations. 

7 March 2022

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