New ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in Villa Pamphilj

new Righteous honored: Giacomo Matteotti and Alexei Navalny

The Garden of the Righteous in Rome in Villa Pamphilj welcomed two new stories: Giacomo Matteotti and Alexei Navalny, both figures who, in different contexts and times, fought for freedom. As underlined by the historian Anna Foa, member of the scientific committee of the Gariwo Foundation, among the reasons for the choice to honor these two figures is the look at the younger ones "for the example they can provide to young people"

The ceremony was well attended by citizens, institutional representatives and various associations, including specifically the Mean Foundation (European Movement for Non-Violent Action) and the Matteotti Foundation. Also speaking for the Gariwo Foundation were Giovanna Grenga, representative of the Garden of the Righteous in Villa Pamphilj and Joshua Evangelista, head of communications and press office.

Elio Tomassetti, president of Municipality X, who took part to the ceremony, said that the two Righteous are an example of freedom, democracy and resistance.

11 April 2024

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