Jurij Dmitriev

the historian of Memorial convicted on false charges for his inconvenient work on the remembrance of the victims of Stalinism

Jurij Dmitriev is a Russian historian, director of the Karelia regional section of Memorial, a Russian NGO, winner of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. Dmitriev has worked with Memorial since the 1990s, when he began to compile the "books of remembrance", anthologies containing thousands of names and biographies of victims of Stalinism in Karelia. He has also discovered the Soviet shooting sites of Sandormoch and Krasnyj Bor, two of the largest mass graves ever found. Nowadays he is imprisoned in a penal colony, in a de facto life sentence, paying for the worst accusations a father could receive. Despite the fact that there is no evidence against him.

A plaque will be dedicated to Jurij Dmitriev at the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide in Milan on March 6, 2024.

26 February 2024

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