Day of the Righteous 2024

the programme for the 6 March celebrations at the Milan Garden of the Righteous

March 6, 2024, 10.30 a.m.
Celebrations for the New Righteous
Milan Garden of the Righteous Worldwide

In 2012, the European Parliament accepted Gariwo's call to establish March 6 as the European Day of the Righteous, which then became a civil solemnity in Italy in 2017. In Milan, the ceremony to lay the new plaques and deliver parchments to the Righteous is on March 6 at 10.30 a.m. (GMT+1) at the Milan Garden of the Righteous together with representatives of the new honored Righteous and the Association for the Garden of the Righteous of Milan.

This year's theme is: "Remembrance and Responsibility. The example of the Righteous in the face of challenges of our time".

We chose to honour with new plaques at Milan Garden: Altiero Spinelli, Italian writer and politician long imprisoned by the fascist regime, he was the author of the Ventotene Manifesto, for a free and united Europe; Vera Vigevani Jarach, Italian journalist who fled to Argentina to escape the Shoah, she is among the founders of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo movement; Jurij Dmitriev, Russian historian convicted for his inconvenient work on the memory of the victims of Stalinism; Narges Mohammadi, Iranian activist and Nobel Peace Prize 2023, has dedicated her life to the battle for human rights in her country.

During the ceremony there will also be the delivery of parchments in honor of the Righteous reported by civil society: Father Gianantonio Agosti, Mother Luisa ArlottiVesna Bosanac, Brother Biagio ConteCaterina Giordano, Sister Maria GogliaPatria, Minerva e Maria Teresa Mirabal, the crew of the Transatlantic RexArminio WachsbergerZabel Yessayan.

The celebrations are organized by the Association for the Milan Garden of the Righteous, of which Gariwo Foundation is a member together with the City of Milan and the Union of Italian Jewish Communities.

The ceremony for the new Righteous at the Milan Garden (via Cimabue, MM1 QT8) will be attended by the representatives of the three institutions and the ones of the Righteous honoured. Following the unveiling of the plaques, citizens and students are invited to a moment of reflection and discussion together with the representatives of the Righteous, which will be held at the Ulianova Radice Amphitheatre from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm.

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